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New Job Accepted

Pros and Cons after Second Whole Day.


Bottom Bunk, which is helpful as I usually need to pee at least once during the night – and no this is not due to recently turning 50 but me drinking too much water.

Sharing a room with a person who is reportedly NOT chatty but since she is out getting an operation on the recently discovered cysts on her ovaries we have yet to really meet. Don’t know when she will return.

Training with a delightful stew who is temp but at least she has been here three weeks to my two days.

NOT Cooking!! Cooking is a high stress job and doing it in remote locations is even worse.

Mindless duties I could do in my sleep!

Mushy pillows.

Crew dinner out at a hip new Miami restaurant.

Hamburgers for dinner last night – see I told you cooking is a high stress job when you have picky eaters like me. Plenty of salad available. Whew! Revealed to cook that I was a crazy veggie person without a major dustup. He did tell me to get off the boat but I think he was kidding. Maybe?

Drinking in moderation is allowed and fairly decent wine is purchased by boat but I’ve been too pickin’ tired to partake.

What I consider gobs of storage space, I know it’s all relative but I am impressed.

Leaving for Bermuda on the 9
th, then Italy, then Croatia then Indonesia, then? Absolute Bliss

And not to be too Pollyanna, I must add a few cons…

Absolute crap coffee but anything would be after a Jura Impressa.

Working 8 to 5 or 6 or whatever with no breaks, yep no breaks.

No phones allowed during work hours, so no audiobooks. Screw all those people who want to surf FB, I just need a good book, maybe I can sneak it in later.

Can’t think of anymore at the moment as I’ve only had crap coffee, which leaves me witless.