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Evil Exists


Saw this magnet, come card, in Fresh Market yesterday as I hurried through seeking more garlic, always more garlic on this boat. It stopped me cold. My background always leaves me suspicious at these bonne mots. My gut says, yeah right, “Do more of what makes you happy”, well some people need to be told, stop doing what makes you happy because what makes you happy is Evil! Take that all the Bernie Madoffs, Wolves of Wall Street, Pedophiles......Sometimes I just want to say to these, self esteem fascinated, affirmation obsessed world, ‘HEY, wake up to your darkness, we all got it, no matter how hard we try to avoid looking it in the eye, it’s there. It may not be one of those “BIG/Venal evil, like having a penchant for stealing from others – their livelihood, their innocence, their lives” but what about those ‘little’ ones like the gossip spread, the arrogance toward others, or just being mean because we can. Evil is evil big and small, innie and outie, and creeping through like the Grinch who stole Christmas. Take that! Stupid fridge magnet!