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Menu Caterwauling

My friend Bets always has 25 + for turkey day – every year she performs this miracle. So I’m wondering why I’m caterwauling about 20? In a large part it is ego – I want to be the BEST! – what does that mean? On the other hand, I really, really want it to be yummy. What is more of a waste than creating food that tastes merely – Okay? It is also fun. Ruminating on what to cook for 20 is an interesting mind game. What tastes blend well? What looks great and tastes great? What is the cost? What can I make ahead of time? What is too much? Or horror what would be not enough. What pans do I have? And what do I enjoy cooking? It is an exercise in planning and creativity. For family planners who do this everyday I applaud you. For me it’s been a great learning process.