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Dinner for 29?!@x?

You know every day I learn something. It’s humbling (occasionally mortifying) but effective in my pursuit of life and food creation. The dinner for 20, which evolved into dinner for 29 went off with only minor hitches. Considering the increase in customers, this was nothing short of a miracle but hard work and planning contributed it’s magic. I began cooking at 6 a.m. on Thursday and did not finish until 11.00 p.m. Friday. I slept for about six hours in there but otherwise it was pedal to the metal chopping and saucing. Robb was an integral piece of the final product as I rushed to churn out 50 sea scallops wrapped in proscuitto, five pork loin – (I need to learn portion control), roasted green beans, spicy shrimp with pineapple as well as desert, which is a story in itself. I was abandoned by my formerly extremely helpful first mate that has a bee in his bonnet for reasons unknown. People were a bit sauced by dinner presentation which always helps and people raved. Did they rave!!! What satisfaction, what relief, what exhaustion. Some unanticipated guest arrived in the galley at 10.30 p.m. requesting hot herbal tea and I almost decked her. Blessings Robb was there to take over, as I still needed to work on turn down. I was flattened but proud.