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The Man Look Phenom

What is this phenomenon of the man look? “Where is…?” is the constant refrain on this vessel. Is it true elsewhere? When I discover four bottles of stain remover, I ponder why? Why when there are three bottles of stain remover present do the gentlemen on this vessel purchase more? The answer is found in the man look. It is the brief glance, perhaps a movement of the head (never a movement of the hands) and alas it must not be there. Either the shouting of where is…happens or worse, particularly on a boat with storage issues another is purchased. Heretofore, my experience with the man look was very limited but now I’m somewhat of an expert. It’s a fascinating phenomenon. Does anyone remember those very clever “man law” beer ads? As my viewing of sports programming is limited I only caught a couple but they were so spot on. I’m afraid I missed the one on the “man law” of looking but not finding. Is it genetic something imbedded in the X chromosome? And what do they do when there is no Y chromosome around to answer the all important question of “Where is…?” And then why does this willingness to ask this ever-present household question not manifest itself when managing transportation issues?