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Before & Afters

Closing in on the end of 2013, which I refer to as the year of the House! It’s been all about the house this year. The house and all it’s contents are a great blessing but it’s also a blessing that the renovations and setting up are drawing to a close. Never have I been more convinced that stuff is stressful, the more stuff, the more stressed. But now it’s done, well one is never done but ‘done enough’ the home will be available for rental next week and I can walk away returning only to enjoy. And labor in the yard, which is the very most fun.
Loving the before and after’s of it all I wanted to post some examples of the transformation. I must add that the tile will eventually have to go – HATE IT – but had to succumb to the chorus of No, No, No. To include from my sister who is the barometer of all things! I’ll post a few here but the rental company will be coming in on Tuesday to take the marketing pictures but I always prefer to post mine.

Front Door Dec 2012
Front Door Before

Front Door Nov 2013

Front Door

Back Porch Dec 2012

Back Porch Before

Back Porch Nov 2013

Back Patio