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Chef Kimi Reid


eet my friend Kimi, she sends her love out to all through food and nutrition and kindness.
Robby and I met Kimi when she welding her talents in this crazy yachty land. She joined us for wine and entertained us with the trials of poaching eggs. Yachting is tough on all relationships, as we move, move, move and are consumed with the people right in front of us: other crew and guests. But I followed Kimi’s travels via FB and occasional emails. Since meeting Kimi, seeing her food mastery and kindness, I dreamed of learning from her vast store of knowledge. Robb constantly encouraged me to take more classes, take more classes, which I did but in the back of my mind was Kimi, her experience and skills perfectly matching the needs of a wanna be yacht chef. Cooking on boats is very unique, no budget, no helpers, nothing the same any day, shopping in places where you don’t even know the language and the pictures often don’t help. Unique, not bad, just unique. Kimi’s experience is the full meal deal: Le Cordon Bleu, restaurants, food styling, yachts, personal she brought the full spectrum to the table and she was nice (definitely NOT a push over – just ask about the trophy wife exchange – strong and powerful and nice). And I need more nice people in my life as I’ve often been told I’m not nice, just honest. Well, alright give me some Kimi. So off I fly to Portland, who doesn’t want an excuse to go to Portland?
So off I go WITHOUT checking, oh my, oh my. All I’d packed was pants and I don’t even like pants but Robb said in June it was cold, cold, so very cold so I packed pants. Landing in Portland, I said find me a TJ Maxx it’s hot up in here! You could tell all the people from Portland as their legs were shiny white, translucent even but my legs you could not see as I only had pants. Find me a Target immediately. So began my adventures in Portland
Mt Hood