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What's for Lunch?

The hardest thing about my job is feeding the crew. Moms know this to be true. Many Mommas (and some dads) work hard to serve yummy, hot, nutritious food day in, day out. Just like crew some kids are grateful, some not so much. My crew is small with the majority of time only four to feed, including me but I don’t really count. I can eat the same thing day in, day out, whatever give me something healthy, filling and move on. And I control the plate, which is amazing power in itself. I hear stories of other crew getting the best food ever (certainly better then mine) or only ham sandwiches or the worst sin of not enough. My responsibilities include other things, accounting, inventory, crew management but the main deal of the day is
“What the heck is for lunch?”
Eh Gads, I haven’t a clue.