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What were you doing at 19?


So Justin Bieber came to Miami. Who knew? So many ‘famous’ people come here to play; normally us little people are completely oblivious to it. But Justin pulled a naughty and was caught drinking and dragging racing. Oh my the Hullabaloo.
The yacht I’m on is a 112’ Westport, with what is described as a “country kitchen” meaning the galley is a big room with a large table where are guests eat breakfast and when no guests are on board crew congregates at the table before the day begins. We watch CBS Morning News, then the Today Show. Often both are taped so we can speed through the commercials. So we all participate in the “news” of the day and today was Justin Bieber day. Oh my did that boy mess up. But I have to give it to him, I think back to when I was 19 and the crazy I got up to, Yikes! The difference is I didn’t have money or fame or any particular talent that would get me recognized. But I will say, that when I was19 and was able to rent a yellow Lamborghini, I’d be dragging racing too. But I don’t think I was ever stupid enough to tell the cops, what the heck I had ingested. Just put on a big smile, draw out the Texas accent and giggle – got me out of more tickets then I can count.