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Robb and I are married!

Sort of. An utterly delightful gift entered our lives a year or so ago and her name is Clementine. She is a bright, shiny, creative ball of enthusiasm. Every time I am with her, my world is opened.
On the last evening of our trip to Seattle, a troop of us went to a barbecue on 3 Trees bay.

Gang Sm
The troop - Chester is hiding!

No words will suffice to describe the beauty of the bay, so I will not even try. Words are a poor substitute for a photo, which is again a poor substitute for the real thing, so we must go; preferably on a perfect evening such as we had with smores.


Clem’s creative juices were flowing and she decreed Robb and I were to be married. Well, who can resist a beach wedding? She christened us Poseidon & Aphrodite and proceeded to create the perfect wedding dress of seaweed, seashells, and driftwood – three of my very favorite things! Could kick myself repeatedly for not snapping a pic of the dress – who doesn’t take a picture of the dress? Emoji for frustration!
Once the dress was ready Clem, proceeded with reading the entire ceremony (how many weddings has this girl witnessed? She did a remarkable job!). Clem served as officiate and bridesmaid, not her first wedding and certainly not her last.
So Robb and I are officially married! Sealed with a Kiss! How cool is that?

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