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Portland Cooking - Day 3

Portland – Day 3 – Poultry
How does one make poultry sexy? Tastes like Chicken. Can you carve up a bird, salvaging every juicy morsel? Did you know Chickens have an oyster? Yep. And do you have a backyard garden with pineapple sage to sprinkle on top? OK, not directly related but look at this cool pineapple sage, I didn’t know such a thing existed.

Pineapple Sage
So Kimi and I spent an entire day talking about and playing with poultry to include a visit to a duck farmer as I’d been hearing an awful lot about duck fat. Perhaps duck is the new bacon? Something I read even said that duck fat is ‘healthy’ fat as it does not seem to infiltrate the duck meat only surround it. Interesting chatter but really? A bit of a leap.
I like chicken. I like to eat chicken. When I’m pondering the long lists of personal dos and don’ts about food, chicken is acceptable. In other words, I’d kill a chicken & a duck & probably a turkey but not one in a cage but one that has been allowed to run around in freedom. But yes, I can afford it and usually pick spinach or rice anyway.


One of myriad of tasks related to cooking is the unrelenting task of what the hell to cook? My friend Ann remembers when Monday was meatloaf, Tuesday was spaghetti and Friday was fish, you get the picture – variety was not the issue. With the advent of the modern emphasis on choice and freedom, variety is the issue. When reviewing job listings, chefs are often asked to provide the daily – ‘Wow’. Seven-day charter a daily ‘wow’ is doable. But day in, day out, it becomes tough to continue the daily ‘wow’. One chef was told during an interview that she could not repeat a cocktail hors d’oeuvre for a year – that’s right 365 different fresh hors d’oeuvre 5 p.m. chef is up and ready for her close up.

Ok, back to chicken. So chicken offers variety and it’s a hellave lot easier to find in Panama then the good old U.S.A. beef.

But does everyday, every meal have to include a dead animal? Is that where meal planning must begin?