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Life dictated by Carpet

Absurd as it sounds my life is dictated by carpet. It all began back in March when you will note that blog posts dropped off precipitously a.k.a. they disappeared. When we arrived in the States that is when the ‘real’ work was to begin. The boat had not seen a maintenance yard in over two years so work was required & the boss wanted a few interior changes. A few turned into more then a few with decorators and family weighing in on the process. It was a flurry of what about this or that or this or those, pillows and carpet were the sticking points but chair covers, wallpaper and frames were all part of the process. I was integral to the process as there is nothing better for job security then making oneself indispensible. But Lord have mercy, I damn near lost my mind. As I am NOT an external processor AND grown apoplectic with the myriad of choices offered by the decorators, I was running on the ragged edge.
Then comes the dreaded carpet install. Oh Lord, even now seven months later I quake. Just call me the carpet Nazi! The carpet is beautiful and very white and you can see every foot imprint, yes, a gillion dollars for carpet that NEVER absolutely NEVER looks finished. Well, maybe if one backs out while vacuuming but inevitably a crewmember wanders immediately through to wreck the smooth tableau. Really, really?
Carpets suck! Now can I tell you about he drapery debacle?