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All Things Dead

Beyond the Body Farm
So much of what I read is sick twisted death stuff. Why do we love this? CSI, Law and Order, Criminal Minds is what I watch and what I read mirrors these good guy pursing bad guy story lines. Even the lousy reviews did not keep me from putting the new Patricia Cornwell on hold at the library. Forewarned is great but even a lousy Patricia Cornwell is better than much of the schlock out there. Recently I finished, Beyond the Body Farm. The author is the original Grissom (CSI: Las Vegas). The Body Farm is the research facility that answers those haunting questions of what is the manner of death, time of death and sometimes even who the heck is this person? They catch the bad guys – who doesn’t love that? Dr Bill Bass is the guy who began the research facility is the go to guy for all the high profile, weird, odd cases that come up. The book is a recounting of some of the strangest. Why does this stuff fascinate me? Some people say it is because death is the ultimate mystery? Nah, it’s just cool to know all this esoteric stuff about maggots!