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Orchida Blanca Planta

Say that repeatedly with a Spanish accent. That was me in Cartagena driving around with a taxi driver, all over the city, ‘orchida blanca planta’. It always makes me giggle when I say it. As they say yachting is a glamorous adventure.
The boss likes her orchids white and real. Unbelievable amounts are spent on fresh flowers on yachts but my boss keeps it simple, white orchids please. So I’m the white orchid expert, sort of, they are so easy to grow. Benign neglect is how the Head of the Orchid society of Miami describes it. White ones last the longest so that is another plus, very sad to watch the blooms go bloop. Had mover, shaker high-powered boss, who bought fakes because it made him sad when all the orchid blooms fall off – who knew his heart was sensitive to the death of the bloom? Here we just donate the non-blooming plants to a local tree, tie it up and hope for the best.
What fascinates me is the satisfaction I get from walking by my orchid arrangements in full bloom, like I had anything to do with their beauty. I provide a picture above for review. We have multiple vases on the boat but the boss keeps it simple, she likes certain ones and those are the ones we use. Easy, easy. In Miami there are several roadside pop up stores that sell orchids from $8 to $12, beautiful ones. I cringe when I seem them at Home Depot or Whole Foods for $20+. I’m a penny pincher to the bone, well sort of, on certain things, says the lady who types on a MacBook Pro. But me I stop off to visit the lovely Sierra Leone man who always tries to interest me in the yellows and purples, when I repeatedly told him, nope boss likes white. For Valentines Day, he gave me a purple, as he knows I like them. So I don’t really have a flower budget but I created my own - $40 a month depending on vessel use which offers either two or three arrangements, which I do myself. Then while shuffling around the boat, I see them and think how cool am I that I ‘grew’ these flowers. It’s a delusion. I know, but a self-esteeming sort of one so I like it. I’ve learned to care for and arrange orchids. Put that line on my resume!