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Road Mishaps

Location: Harbor Island, Bahamas

They happen, they actually happen fairly regularly in my world. But don’t they make great stories? Well sometimes, maybe I’m just lucky or can afford a good ticket clinic person – more on that later. But as we arrived yesterday in Harbor Island, I had to show the two sterling stews the Pink Sand Beach. Spectacular. As soon as we could escape, we did the very quick trip to the other side of the island. The marinas are on the lee side, away from the most incredible strip of strand, lovely. So we jumped in our gas golf cart, so loud and zipped over – ½ the guests were fishing so the golf cart was free – crew doesn’t get their own as they are $50 a day. But of course, I cannot stop at the top of the road, wherein we would have to walk and miss five minutes of our beach access moments, so down I drove, thinking, hm? This might not be such a great idea but what the hell, right? So again, my luck holds as a group of kind people were sauntering off the beach and noticed my perilous retreat and began to push, without even being asked, just zipped me up the little road and off we went. WOW!
This is actually the third time I’ve been rescued from motor vehicle disaster by others during my travels on this boat:
    Am I lucky or what? Damn straight!