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Mean People Suck!!

So with great fanfare last week I announced my acceptance of a job offer offering a ride to Indonesia. Thrilled I loaded up with skin care & bathing suits and got ready to rock. As you know from a previous email there were pros and cons but I failed to mention a big Con. The darkness that roamed the vessel. It struck with fierce regularity and contempt. The counter balance was a Hannah a kind teacher, temp stew who partnered with me to get it all done. BUT when I was told to iron for 15 min to complete my 7 a to midnight shift with full knowledge that the next day brought a 7 a to 3 a shift with no breaks. The next day my broccoli snack was thrown out at 10 a.m. as I was supposed to eat a sugar filled white flour muffin prior to my 7 a shift start - we were “too busy” to eat, this is not the experience I sought. A ride to Indonesia was not worth nutritional and spiritual destruction. I mean who throws out lightly steamed garlic broccoli?
So I pulled the most unprofessional departure in the history of Tami.
When interviewed I was asked why I wanted to work on this vessel when it was known to be tough. My response, ‘mean, thoughtless people are tough not the work’, well I guess I was true to my word.
After a quick Laurie to the rescue, I’m happily ensconced in my home, with a glass of wine, anticipating an amazing cup of joe in the morning.
Don’t ask me what is next as I do not have a clue. In time it will all be revealed but for now I’m swimming in my hot tub and enjoying the flow.