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Swimming with Dolphins

There are no words, at least none that precisely describe the mystery of swimming with wild dolphins. Captive dolphin programs, incite a haughty disdain, is that using the same word twice? Perhaps that will emphasis the offense at swimming with captured animals but I do go to zoos. Perhaps, I’m convinced a being as seemingly free as a dolphin or a whale should be left to swim free but where would we be without a zoo to see animals we could never see in the wild? I delight at feeding the giraffes at the Miami Zoo.
Ah, the complications of modern life and thinking too much. But as always I digress. So I checked out to find a word or a series of words that express my heart when swimming with these dolphins.
Perhaps, ineffable meaning ‘too great for words’ will have to do. Perhaps.
Bimini is an island in the Bahamas about a 15-minute plane ride from FLL. The fast ferry was not running as the season ended which is the perfect time to go. For about 15 minutes, I witnessed a 20 something gathering at the beach and although I admired the enhanced figures of the women (I don’t swing that way but women always attract my admiration, perhaps a bit of jealousy?) Their loud and crude exchange messed with my Zen. Quickly they departed for which I gave thanks for their departure and that it ‘low’ season, can’t imagine hundreds of them. Eck!
But it’s the dolphins that brought me to Bimini. Two or three or something years ago (must keep better records) Robb and I visited Bimini and experienced the spotted dolphins. In late April, Robb returned to Bimini with the Shannon clan to repeat the wonder. Robb’s son, Geoff and I could not attend in April so we went again this weekend. It’s nature, one never knows what will happen so during our boat trip out I was nervous – my miser brain could not conceive of spending all that money for naught but 15 minutes in dolphins were spotted. And for the next two hours we followed wild dolphins. We were pulled on a tow lined to stay with them and then let go to move with the pod. We were informed that the younger dolphins, distinguished by their low spot count, are more amenable to play but it was one very dappled dolphin that most left me speechless. The dolphins were everywhere, over, above, spinning under me, less then an arm length away. When asked by the Captain if I felt part of the pod, I thought ‘hell no’, they are effortless in the water, fearless and rapid with a twitch of the tail they are gone as I lumber and gasp trying to catch up.
For over two hours, we followed them and I was mesmerized. No words that I know or can discover can communicate what it is like when a dolphin looks you in the eye.

*Sadly the GoPro was left at home but these Google images give some idea of the experience.