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Blue, Blue What Blue?

Obsessed. Absolutely obsessed or positive reframe – I’m rolling in the pleasure of choosing of just the right thing, for the ever-incredible cool as heck house. My priorities:

1. Reduce and Reuse – Hard to do with a 2500 sq. foot house but still, isn’t there already enough crap in our world?

2. Personalize and get the Crafty on – But TIME is the issue as always. Time, time, time.

3. Make it Simple and Cool – Less is best and cool as I define it, although how cool am I?

But I’m obsessed. Take the Master Bath – I’ve spent way too much time, pondering Tile, Tubs, Toilets, Sinks, Faucets, now it’s Wall Color. Blue but what blue and how dark, too dark. And it’s really hard to tell from the picture but the story behind the cabinet topping – what do you call that big slab of rock that is on top of the cabinets? Is fabulous.
Anyway, Blue, Blue, What is the blue?
And ignore the lamp it’s a recent purchase for the Salon. But needed the light, as lights don’t go up until the color is on. Lamp is a wicked cool consignment find – actually there are two. So proud of my consignment finds.

And can we talk about the mirror that I thought would fit but is two inches too big?