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    San Blas Islands, Panama 2008

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    Would he be elected today?

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    Entrance to the Panama Canal, Pacific Side

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    Montauk, NY
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    St. Barths Colombier

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    New York Cruise 2012

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    San Blas 2008

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    587 Baby Turtle Release Costa Rica 2008

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    Dolphins off the coast of Cuba

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    Library of Congress - my new favorite place
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    San Blas 2008

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Who me?

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This is a favorite picture - I’m doing what I love most – reading and moving along on the ocean. Transported by a vessel, from one island to the next, simply moving on the big blue, knowing I’m a lucky woman. I’m also wearing a hat, which I think looks very cool. As I work on a boat, I’m limited in my ability to look cool - small closets. So this is where I attempt to make sense of my life. During this season, my world revolved around boats, cooking and books. Sometimes I add in an opinion or two just when the political situation in our country begins to crush me. Feel free to skip those, it’s just me rambling.
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Make Me Laugh?

With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.
William Shakespeare

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Those who give their lives Pursing Justice, Freedom & Equality...
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